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While the World Trade Organization dispute between the United States the island nation of Antigua and many European Union countries continues to online kazino heat up, the United Kingdom has stepped in to publicly express a preference for the ultimate resolution of this issue. The British Government now publicially endorses reasonable U.S. regulation of Internet gambling as opposed to the current U.S. stance of online gaming prohibition.
“The British Government has signaled quite clearly its support for regulation rather than prohibition of gambling by the recent implementation of the (Unlawful Internet) Gambling Act,”
said Emily Bourne, private secretary of the British Department for Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform in a letter to several financial service and gambling companies.
While supportive, this official position also adds to the every growing pressure on the United States government to act on the W.T.O. ruling and to push forward with one of several pending bills before the US Congress. We have previously recommended the Safe and Secure Internet Gambling Initiative site, as a good source for a wide range of information on the US internet gaming ban. Here is what they had to say on the British statement:
Europe’s trade director and other trade …