Mentally tough Arsenal in Pengeluaran HK driving seat

Mentally tough Arsenal in Pengeluaran HK driving seat



The momentum towards a fourth Premier League crown for Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal is building to the point even the usually understated Frenchman is openly discussing the attributes which might unhinge the Manchester United / Chelsea duopoly.


Mental resilience and squad solidarity might not be traits associated with Arsenal over the past handful of seasons, but Wenger is starting to sound like a man who believes his team have finally disproved the growing criticism.


This has been a hard season for Wenger, in some ways perhaps the toughest of his 14-year North London reign.


Arsenal supporters are used to assessing their title Pengeluaran HK credentials against the league’s biggest clubs, and yet this year their side has been dismissed home and away by both Manchester United and Chelsea, flicked aside and seemingly relegated to chasing a Champions League spot once again.


But how delightful must it feel for Wenger and Gunners fans to be able to effectively give United and Chelsea six-point headstarts and still stand a catchable two points behind the leaders in third place with nine games remaining.


Bonded by, among other factors, Adebayor’s disrespect and the manner of Aaron Ramsey’s absence, …