Ligaz11 Casino Information



When casinos request it, we will furnish this program to them free of charge if they want to use it for their tournaments & advertise it as explained below. If they want us to come and install the program in their computer (97 Microsoft Excel or later required) and teach someone how to use it, all we ask is that they pay our trip expenses. We would install Tex’s TEARS on a laptop computer and teach someone how to use it if they travel to where one of us is located.


This program is an Excel Spreadsheet and it is complicated. In order for a casino to get all the benefits from this system one of us should teach and explain it to whoever is going to use it. We have great reservations about providing the program to anyone without teaching him/her how to use it best.


After the correct criteria is entered for an event, this program predicts the total playing time and the number of players that you should have (left in the tournament) to start any level with. It also tells you the proper number of starting and re-buy chips, the proper blind …