Goa Money Arrives & JPK Signs with BF.. 스포츠토토


Since I’ve been moaning about it, I thought I would let you guys know 🙂

You know a bad run is over, when you are angry about “only” being $2k up for the day. Boy, I can take those bad moods anytime 😉

I’ve signed up as a contributing writer to the스포츠토section of the Betfair website in a series entitled: “The Life of a Poker Pro”. Check it out at http://poker.betfair.com .. the first column charts my journey in Goa. I’m not too sure what exactly I’ll write about yet, but I’ll make sure it’s as original and insightful as I can possibly make it.Harrington is Here!

I was surprised to see a parcel waiting for me when I got home on Friday.  It was Harrington’s Cash Books, which I wasn’t expecting for some weeks yet, given that Amazon had indicated they had a big backload to fill and I had a mail from them saying expect it sometime in May.  Have only had a brief skim at this stage, but it seems like they are written in the classic Harrington easy to read style.  Having read some of the early reviews, I’m a bit divided …