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Here at Ohio State Steve and I have been hosting a regular, Thursday night poker tournament. It draws about 20-25 people every Thursday, it’s a $5 buy in with unlimited rebuys and an add on. The pots aren’t huge, winner usually takes home about $100, but it’s a lot of fun and great practice for tournament play.


Tonight I played very well, finishing third. It backed up the first place finish I had last week. I lost tonight to a bad beat, I went into the flop a 2.5 to 1 favorite and ended up losing on an ugly river, but finishing 1st and 3rd in a 25 person tournament builds confidence and gets me a little bit more respect in games we play during the week.


How do I approach these tournaments?


The tournaments have a very fair structure since we’re playing and don’t want it to be based on luck. Our goal is to provide a tournament where solid play prevails. We’ve adopted a point system to reward top repeat performers with a “tournament of champions” at the end of the quarter. I am actually the point leader right now after two solid finished, hopefully next week I’ll add to that.


Early Stages

For the first hour there are rebuys and lots of chances to build a chip stack. For the past two weeks I have not needed to rebuy, I’ve built my stack from the starting 2,000 chips to an above average 6,000 by the end of the first hour – with an add on of T$2500 at the end of the first hour, I’m usually sitting very comfortably when the blinds hit T$100-200.


I play a tight aggressive style for much of the first hour but I also vary my play by playing very loosely when a low stack enters the pot and I have position on them. My goal is to get them pot committed preflop and hit a lucky flop to take the rest of their chips. Since there are rebuys most people are willing to go all in with AK or KQ even when they miss a flop – perfect situation to pick up lots of chips. visitez le site


If I lose a big pot or lose all my chips to a bad beat or make a big mistake, there are always rebuys for me as well. I try to establish a table image of “super aggressive.” I don’t want people raising me too much and I’d prefer to be the aggressor in every pot. I bet any time I can, I try to never call after there is a board out there, and I never, ever, under any circumstance, check-call.



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