Goa Money Arrives & JPK Signs with BF.. 스포츠토토


Since I’ve been moaning about it, I thought I would let you guys know 🙂

You know a bad run is over, when you are angry about “only” being $2k up for the day. Boy, I can take those bad moods anytime 😉

I’ve signed up as a contributing writer to the스포츠토section of the Betfair website in a series entitled: “The Life of a Poker Pro”. Check it out at http://poker.betfair.com .. the first column charts my journey in Goa. I’m not too sure what exactly I’ll write about yet, but I’ll make sure it’s as original and insightful as I can possibly make it.Harrington is Here!

I was surprised to see a parcel waiting for me when I got home on Friday.  It was Harrington’s Cash Books, which I wasn’t expecting for some weeks yet, given that Amazon had indicated they had a big backload to fill and I had a mail from them saying expect it sometime in May.  Have only had a brief skim at this stage, but it seems like they are written in the classic Harrington easy to read style.  Having read some of the early reviews, I’m a bit divided on how useful they are going to be.  On the one hand its Dan Harrington, and noone conveys poker information and concepts like Dan.  On the other hand they seem to be focusing on deepstack full ring cash – something I never play anymore, focusing on six-max like the majority of the online community.  Still, I think there will be plenty in there, plus its a must read for another reason – every semi decent opponent I’ll play will have read them!

Despite the fact that results wise its been a so-so year, I’ve also decided to start dabbling back at 100nl.  My first experience (about 7.5k hands) at this level was quite painful … a mixture of bad beats and bad play.  But I’ve got my roll back to a point that would indicate that I should be looking to move up again.  I’ve been a bit gunshy of doing so, esepcially when I’m doing things like running KK into AA all the time – but thats just a mental hurdle that needs to be overcome.  So I’ve had a couple of sessions and nothing to significant so far – slightly down, but nothing more than the usual rhythm of the game.  At this point I’m feeling comfortable playing one table at 50nl and one at 100nl, we’ll see how that travels for a while.

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