Event 1먹튀사이트


I woke up today at 930 and got ready to go do some pre 먹튀사이  cardio. I felt good and excited. I went to the gym and walked/ran for an hour or so and saw plenty of poker players. Everyone is living in my building now. My cardio was pretty easy, but all I could do was envision winning this first event. I thought of how great a way that would be to start off this WSOP.

I went up at about 11am and got ready but decided not to rush since missing a few minutes didn’t matter and they probably wouldn’t start on time either. I picked up Tuan Le at the Bellagio and got there about 10 mins late. I was down one round of blinds which was no big deal with starting stacks of 20k and blinds at 100/200.

Dario and Tuan were both at my table just like they were in the 25k WPT Championship event, so I knew there were going to be some big pots. I didn’t have anything interesting going on until Tuan made it 1000 to go with blinds at 150/300. I called with 66 and one of the blinds did. Tuan raises a lot of hands and isn’t afraid to call a reraise and I had position so I just called. The flop was 347, which was not bad for my hand. I was in trouble if he had an overpair but was most likely ahead.

He bet 2500 on the flop and I decided to keep the pot small and just call. He might freeze up on the turn and I had position so I’d get the information on how he proceeds. The turn was an offsuit Jack and he bet 5000. His actions didn’t see very strong but I didn’t want to risk my entire stack just yet. I still had at least 2 sixes and 4 fives to make the best hand if I was behind. And there was the possibility he would check the river and I could then make a decision to bet. I opted to just call with a strong feeling I was ahead. The river was the reason you do raise if you have the feeling I have, an Ace. He moved in on the river and I had to fold. My initial read was AK but I wasn’t sure and didn’t want to risk my stack. Instead I let him get there and had to leave 8500 chips in the pot.

I folded down to about 6k in chips, raising a few pots and having to fold and having to lay down Jacks on the 984 flop. I felt like my reraiser had a set and he confirmed this when I folded. Finally with the blinds at 200/400 Tuan, Dario, and Max Pescatori limped in and I looked down at KJhh. Not the best hand but with them limping it was a good spot to pick up 1600 chips or so. I raised pot to 2600 and everyone folded to Max who reraised pot, but I didn’t think he had a great hand as he was the 3rd limper. Dario in between us folded and he showed down ATo. Very odd hand to decided to get 6k in with preflop, but I guess he just gives me zero credit. I’ll make a note of that for the future. The flop was J87 with two hearts so he was down to 5 outs. 2 non-heart aces and 3 non-heart nines. The turn was save, but the river was the Ace of spades and I was out of event one.

I felt good about how I played and I can’t wait to play more events and I’ll be giving you updates right here on RPT.

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