Japan To Embrace Online Betting Industry

Japan To Embrace Online Betting Industry



A recent campaign has been launched in Japan to legalise both online and land based casinos, and has been backed by the country’s ruling Liberal Democratic Party.


An arm of the committee on tourism has suggested that the legalisation of online gambling in Japan would provide an economic boost for the country, in a move that could lead the way for a change of policy towards online casinos not only in Japan, but also throughout other parts of Asia.


The committee is expected to open discussions with government officials with the prospect of online gambling operators being invited for future talks.


However the news has been tempered by social action groups in Japan, who have expressed concern about the influence of increased online casino gaming on the country’s youth, prompting protests from charities and gambling awareness groups.


In response, the government has taken measures to reassure protestors that their concerns will be carefully considered.


G3 teamed with Keegan to launch new casino and affiliate program


The Grand Online Betting Group has announced that it has teamed up with Jon-Jon Keegan to launch the G3 Partner Affiliate Programme and the biggest Microgaming powered …





Les meilleurs des casinos en ligne francais gratuits offrent la chance de jouer à des différents jeux de casino gratuit. Visitez les machines a sous en utilisant un crédit virtuel limité. Sur le-casino-en-ligne-francais.io; les nouveaux joueurs vip en France, de la Belgique et même au Canada ont une large sélection de nouveau jeux gratuit de casino en ligne securisés parmi lesquels choisir. Jetez donc un oeil sur une sélection des salles que nous avons classés selon certains critères de choix recherchés par les joueurs. Nous avons aussi mis un accent particulier sur certains facteurs comme la qualité globale du casino et la réputation de la marque auprès des joueurs. Vous verrez que ce classement changera constamment à cause des nouveaux sites de casino jeux vennant souvent bousculer la hiérarchie. La plupart des sites de jeu en ligne s’efforcent d’offrir un jeu réellement équitable aux joueurs



Dans les meilleurs casinos gratuits, vous trouverez plus de top 1.000 jeux casino gratuit avec bonus et pour de l’argent réel venant des développeurs de logiciels en France et dans le monde. Parmi nos meilleurs jeux de casino vous trouvez Netent, Betsoft …

Brunson/Brookstone allegiance provides the latest holiday gift sets

Brunson/Brookstone allegiance provides the latest holiday gift sets

Doyle ‘Texas Dolly’ Brunson has launched a line of poker products to support his new book, Super System 2.

On Thursday, December 9th, the poker legend will be signing advanced copies of his book and conducting – using Brookstone’s Premiere Professional Poker Set with randomly selected people – an exhibition at speciality retailer Brookstone’s store at the Rockefeller Center in New York.

Poker fans around the country can also register to win a limited, autographed copy of Brunson’s Super/System 2 by logging onto www.brookstone.com and typing “Doyle Brunson” in the search box.

“Brookstone is pleased to be the only retailer in the entire country to offer customers a chance to purchase or win a limited, advance copy of this highly anticipated new book by Doyle Brunson, the renowned patriarch of modern poker,” Brookstone Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer Michael Anthony said.

“We feel this partnership with Mr. Brunson underscores data hk position in the marketplace as the retailer of choice for Holiday gifts and complements our premiere line of authentic poker products, including our Professional Poker Set.”

Brookstone’s premiere Holiday poker line-up includes the Professional Poker Set ($125), which features 400 professional weight chips at 11.5 grams and five …

Poker tournament success with chericasino.net

Poker tournament success with chericasino.net



Here at Ohio State Steve and I have been hosting a regular, Thursday night poker tournament. It draws about 20-25 people every Thursday, it’s a $5 buy in with unlimited rebuys and an add on. The pots aren’t huge, winner usually takes home about $100, but it’s a lot of fun and great practice for tournament play.


Tonight I played very well, finishing third. It backed up the first place finish I had last week. I lost tonight to a bad beat, I went into the flop a 2.5 to 1 favorite and ended up losing on an ugly river, but finishing 1st and 3rd in a 25 person tournament builds confidence and gets me a little bit more respect in games we play during the week.


How do I approach these tournaments?


The tournaments have a very fair structure since we’re playing and don’t want it to be based on luck. Our goal is to provide a tournament where solid play prevails. We’ve adopted a point system to reward top repeat performers with a “tournament of champions” at the end of the quarter. I am actually the point leader right now after two solid …





Replacement of Legacy Enterprise Management Solution Paves Way for Service Level Management

SAN MATEO, CALIFORNIA – May 2, 2005 — Privately held Nimsoft today announced that UK-based Ladbrokes, the betting and gaming division of Hilton Group, has chosen to adopt its NimBUS service-level management solution to provide real-time service monitoring and reporting for its IT infrastructure spanning thousands of heterogeneous servers, networks, databases and applications.

Faced with the task of replacing an existing enterprise management solution, Ladbrokes embarked in an extensive market evaluation that included more than 20 vendors. The final shortlist included BMC Software, HP, Microsoft and Nimsoft, but following actual onsite testing, Ladbrokes has decided to standardise on the NimBUS solution from Nimsoft after it demonstrated superior scalability, functionality and return on investment. Additionally, the NimBUS solution emerged as the only offering ready to tackle true service level compliance reporting through its unique ability to define, monitor and report against service level agreements (SLAs).

“As the market leader in the UK betting industry and the best-known brand in the global eGaming market, Ladbrokes works hard to continuously deliver innovative value and services to our customers,” said Paul Thompson, Office Systems Manager, at Ladbrokes. “During our extensive …

LA Poker Classic  Event # 8 – $1,000 NLHE Shootout Final – cbetcasino.fr

LA Poker Classic  Event # 8 – $1,000 NLHE Shootout Final – cbetcasino.fr



LA Poker Classic

I am a fan of the game of poker. I can play it for hours on end, and I can watch it being played (well) for hours on end. But I would be lying to you if I said that Thursday’s final table for Event # 8 of the LA Poker Classic was thrilling to watch. Filled with ten players with neither a propensity for action, or for chatter this final table was all business.


In sharp contrast to the prior evening’s final table, where Men “The Master” Nguyen, and Freddy Twin kept the chips flying, and everyone at the table loose, this final table was more conservative, and quiet. Also adding to the mix was the fact that this wound up being by far the longest final table of the series so far. If there wasn’t a deal cut at the first possible moment, I might still be there.


It was nearly sixty minutes before anything worth reporting happened. At that time, Bashar “Charlie” Satoot (in his second final table in 48 hours) set a trap for Scott Lazar, and it worked to perfection. Scott moved in at the pot with a …

Casino Captain’s Best Internet Poker Sites like casinoextra.fr

Casino Captain’s Best Internet Poker Sites like casinoextra.fr


Aye, the Captain is always looking fer hidden treasures and I struck Gold here.  Before ye start playin’ at one of the bigger named online poker rooms go ahead and take Poker.com for a sail.  Poker.com has very good software and awesome interactive customer service not to mention one of the highest number of freerolls on the net.  Fer even more money to use while enjoying this gem of a poker site, use coupon code mp200 to give yourself a first deposit bonus of 30% up to $200.  One of the unique features at Poker.com is the ability to upload yer choice of avatars to display while playing.  This makes it easier to remember yer opponents and share a little bit about yerself too.  The customer service is very good and offers live chat as well as email for instant answers to any questions ye may have.


Absolute Poker at Casino Captain

Absolute Poker

The most likely place to find the Captain playin’ poker is at Absolute Poker.  The Captain has noticed that this Poker room is getting more and more popular.  Absolute Poker has great action fer every player at every kind of table ye can imagine …

Horse sense for Casino Extra Poker Players

Horse sense for Casino Extra Poker Players




A man was quietly reading his paper when his wife sneaks up behind him and whacks him on the head with a frying pan.


‘What was that for?’ he says. ‘That was for the piece of paper in your pants pocket with the name Mary Lou written on it’, she replies.


‘Two weeks ago when I went to the races, Mary Lou was the name of one of the horses I bet on’, he explains. She looks satisfied, apologizes, and goes off to do work around the house.


Three days later he’s again sitting in his chair reading when she nails him with an even bigger frying pan, knocking him out cold. When he comes to, he says, ‘What the hell was that for?’


‘Your horse phoned.’


Casino Extra Blackjack dealer



A Blackjack dealer and a player with a thirteen count in his hand were arguing about whether or not it was appropriate to tip the dealer.

The player said, ‘When I get bad cards, it’s not the dealers fault. Accordingly, when I get good cards, the dealer obviously had nothing to do with it so why should I tip …

Streaming Video Casino Cbet Poker Feeds

Streaming Video Casino Cbet Poker Feeds



Can’t get enough Poker on TV these days? How about watching or listening to games online?


While scanning the podcast directory of my Juice/IPodder feed receiver yesterday, I came across nearly a dozen streaming audio and video web feeds of poker games. I’m in the process of consuming the feeds, so I can’t comment on the overall quality or content, but some of these are simply screen captures of online games with voiceover commentary. Pretty funny and entertaining, but they may be educational for a newbie to online poker. And a bit of fodder for cardaholics.


There are too many feeds to list them all here (see list below), but what I suggest you do is download the Juice/ IPodder feed receiver/ client. In the Podcast Directory tab of the software are a number of folders. Look for the ones marked sports, click on one of them, and look for subfolders marked Poker or Cards. You can subscribe to them using the Add feed button.


Juice can be scheduled to download late at night, or for whenever you’re not using your computer. I’d suggest some sort of scheduling, as some of the video files are …

Police Are Saying “No” To Toto HKPoker

Police Are Saying “No” To Toto HKPoker



Across the United States and around the world, poker seems to be the game of choice. But as more play the game, the more notice that law enforcement gives to the game as well.


Recently, in Chicago, a home game was raided and all involved were ticketed for gambling. The police spent a year of surveillance on the game, even to the point of infiltrating the game with one of their own officers. They expected thousands of dollars to be circulating; what they found was a $20 maximum buy-in among sixteen people. After taking the money on the table, the chips, and issuing citations to all involved, the police left. The players simply drew out another $20 and continued the game.


In Greensboro, NC, two men were arrested for running a home Toto HKpoker game. In this case, the police found that the men were taking a rake from the game, thus the arrests. The Charlotte/Mecklenburg (NC) County Sheriffs Department recently concluded a two year sting operation that resulted in another home game being raided and the homeowners arrested. Both cases are still pending trial.


Throw in nightclubs and bars that are running Texas …