먹튀검증Round 7 Footy Tips


Round seven brings up two games of interest with먹튀검V Hawks on Friday night and Collingwood V St Kilda on Monday night. The Hawks are looking like they are returning to their 2022 form with a very close win against a classy Blues outfit but the Bombers can show brilliance in big games and Friday night footy doesn’t get much bigger. A odd Monday night game will be played out against two of the leagues toughest teams in the Saints and Pies that will be well worth a look. The Pies know they are a half a chance to knock off the league leaders and will play a high pressure game.

Essendon V Hawthorn, Friday Night at Etihad Stadium

Tip: Hawthorn

This should be a interesting game. I think Essendon will play a very defensive game and will send alot of numbers back to fill the open areas in the Hawks attack stopping Buddy and Roughhead in the process. But as we have seen in the last 12 months it is easier said than done, and if the Hawthorn forward line can take only a few of the contested marks they will kick a winning score. Jobe …

Goa Money Arrives & JPK Signs with BF.. 스포츠토토


Since I’ve been moaning about it, I thought I would let you guys know 🙂

You know a bad run is over, when you are angry about “only” being $2k up for the day. Boy, I can take those bad moods anytime 😉

I’ve signed up as a contributing writer to the스포츠토section of the Betfair website in a series entitled: “The Life of a Poker Pro”. Check it out at http://poker.betfair.com .. the first column charts my journey in Goa. I’m not too sure what exactly I’ll write about yet, but I’ll make sure it’s as original and insightful as I can possibly make it.Harrington is Here!

I was surprised to see a parcel waiting for me when I got home on Friday.  It was Harrington’s Cash Books, which I wasn’t expecting for some weeks yet, given that Amazon had indicated they had a big backload to fill and I had a mail from them saying expect it sometime in May.  Have only had a brief skim at this stage, but it seems like they are written in the classic Harrington easy to read style.  Having read some of the early reviews, I’m a bit divided …

Mother of Second-Grader Bakes Vagina Cookies, Grows Irate When Teacher Refuses to Serve Them


We’re all for sex education, but, well… read the following story. Are you looking for business translation services? Contact Translation Services UK

A Reddit user named “JPstudly” has relayed the story of a female friend of hers who teaches second graders.

When the kids in her class are good for a week, she rewards them by asking a parent to bring in snacks as a treat. She just never imagined one of these parents would bake those treats in the shape of a vagina.

Here is how the teacher explains what transpired:

[Mom] comes into the classroom with a pan full of treats and brings them to me and says with a smile “I decided you can use these to teach the kids about the woman’s vagina today”. Baffled and completely caught off guard I slowly peel the aluminum foil off the pan to behold a plethora of sugar cookie and frosting vaginas. Not just any old vagina, but ALL KINDS OF VAGINAS…

I give the parent the most professional look I can muster and quietly reply “I’m sorry Autumn, but I can’t give these to my students. This just isn’t appropriate.

And what happened from there?

The mother …

And That Makes 11 for Phil Slot Gacor Hari Ini … a Tribute

Phil Slot Gacor Hari Ini, one of the greatest tournament poker players ever, breaks yet another record. First, at the age of 24, he was the youngest player ever to win the WSOP Main Event in 1989, defeating and preventing Johnny Chan from getting a record breaking win #3.

Then, in a controversial 2006 WSOP, Phil grabbed the record for most WSOP cashes at 50. He later went on to win his 10th bracelet, tying a record held by Doyle Brunson and Johnny Chan.

2007 increased Phil’s WSOP record for number cashes (63) and ties TJ Cloutier for number of final tables (39).

But the big news is that Phil has won his 11th WSOP bracelet in, what else, Texas Hold ‘Em. The $1,500 No Limit Hold ‘Em event, to be precise, where he beat out 2,627 other players to take home the $637,254 first prize. Phil’s 11 bracelets have all been in Texas Hold ‘Em.

That win also put him in 7th place for all-time WSOP winnings at just over $5.6 million.

Phil Hellmuth is known as the “Poker Brat”, and with good reason. His affinity for throwing fits and demeaning other players is legendary, more so than …

Event 1먹튀사이트


I woke up today at 930 and got ready to go do some pre 먹튀사이  cardio. I felt good and excited. I went to the gym and walked/ran for an hour or so and saw plenty of poker players. Everyone is living in my building now. My cardio was pretty easy, but all I could do was envision winning this first event. I thought of how great a way that would be to start off this WSOP.

I went up at about 11am and got ready but decided not to rush since missing a few minutes didn’t matter and they probably wouldn’t start on time either. I picked up Tuan Le at the Bellagio and got there about 10 mins late. I was down one round of blinds which was no big deal with starting stacks of 20k and blinds at 100/200.

Dario and Tuan were both at my table just like they were in the 25k WPT Championship event, so I knew there were going to be some big pots. I didn’t have anything interesting going on until Tuan made it 1000 to go with blinds at 150/300. I called with 66 and one of the blinds …

Most Common Mistakes Slot Appliance Players Help to make


Online slots of 8g88 don’t have as several tactics as scratch cards, in particular like blackjack, baccarat or video online poker. Nevertheless, at this time there are particular strategies of exactly what not to do when it comes to increasing your winning most likely while playing at on the internet casinos. Some slots enthusiasts either disregard these guidelines in addition to tricks or that they simply have not heard connected with them. As these tactics could boost your triumph blends, it would be a shame to not spend awareness to them. Inside of simple fact, let’s focus on 8 ways that a person should avoid because they can easily mess up your odds are of earning.

Ways of which Sabotage Winning Odds

Since slot lovers, many of us take pleasure in playing online slot machines mostly because they are exciting, comforting, they offer wonderful sound effects and even are available with some electrifying capabilities. That said, we couldn’t assist but wonder: what kinds of mistakes do still the best gamblers help to make that should be avoided? Well, we’ve decided for you to single out the 7 most popular mistakes players make when spinning typically the reels associated with …

English QQWIN99 or QQWIN99 in English???

While the World Trade Organization dispute between the United States the island nation of Antigua and many European Union countries continues to online kazino heat up, the United Kingdom has stepped in to publicly express a preference for the ultimate resolution of this issue. The British Government now publicially endorses reasonable U.S. regulation of Internet gambling as opposed to the current U.S. stance of online gaming prohibition.
“The British Government has signaled quite clearly its support for regulation rather than prohibition of gambling by the recent implementation of the (Unlawful Internet) Gambling Act,”
said Emily Bourne, private secretary of the British Department for Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform in a letter to several financial service and gambling companies.
While supportive, this official position also adds to the every growing pressure on the United States government to act on the W.T.O. ruling and to push forward with one of several pending bills before the US Congress. We have previously recommended the Safe and Secure Internet Gambling Initiative site, as a good source for a wide range of information on the US internet gaming ban. Here is what they had to say on the British statement:
Europe’s trade director and other trade …

Shortbuy City sbobet

I remember one morning in Tunica when the Showered People invaded our table full of sleepless stinkers. All night long, I’d watched drunks, and neophytes sit down at the game and buy-in for $100 at a time. I’d bought in for a grand. Now, the Showered People were buying in for $3000-$4000. I remember the thought like I had it two minutes ago.
“The smart money just sat down. Time to go.”
But this isn’t a post about the smart money. One shouldn’t always believe that if people are buying in big that they are good. Chances are, they are smarter, but that is a matter of debate as well. Instead, this is a post about denizens of Shortbuy City.
I am a firm believer in the concept of buying in at the max in a no-limit game. If I can’t afford the max-buy, I don’t need to be in the game If there is no maximum buy-in, I buy in for a minimum of 100 times the big blind. A smarter bet in a game with no max-buy is 200 times the big blind. There is a pretty common tack for most no-limit players.
Any no-limit player loves to …

Living a short-stacked slot hoki life

Sometimes the liquid soap is just especially sudsy and that makes me happy. The water is just hot enough to make the shower relaxing on a tired Friday morning. Enough to make me ignore the slight growth of filth on the shower curtain liner.
This is going to be a good day, I thought.
Then I got out of the shower and came face to face with Mrs. Otis. She’d just gotten off the phone.
“You better high-tail it to work.”
Somebody at work had screwed up in the overnight hours. The exact details slot hoki of the collossal mistake are irrelevant. To put it in terms you can understand, it was if they’d managed to lose half their stack againt someone playing pocket aces face-up, then handed the rest of their stack over to me and said, “Okay, you gotta finish this. And…oh, yeah, you’ve gotta win.”
By Noon, I’d doubled up. By 3pm I was the chip leader. I suspect within a few hours I’ll be scooping the final pot of the night.
Did I get a little lucky? Absolutely. Did it take a little skill? Sure.
I hate to draw weak analogies just to give myself something …

New Life For Gyms, Fitness Facilities Outdoors In East Hampton

EAST HAMPTON, NY — Gym owners struggling during the coronavirus crisis in in East Hampton may soon get a much-needed boost from town officials.

Established East Hampton fitness and exercise studios, which have been financially affected by the shutdown during the pandemic, will see hope on the horizon with the adoption Friday of a temporary provision allowing them to hold outdoor exercise classes on a separate commercial property, with the property owner’s permission, a release from East Hampton Town Supervisor Peter Van Scoyoc said.

The town code as written restricts the use of outdoor areas on commercial properties.

An executive order signed Friday by Van Scoyoc includes a measure that will temporarily relax a portion of the town code to allow fitness businesses to apply for a permit to hold offsite outdoor classes, provided social distancing, group size restrictions, and rules regarding face masks are followed. You can also learn about “what are the best facial fillers“, click here

The permit application can be found here.

As many local gyms and workout facilities are experiencing extreme financial challenges due to the pandemic, East Hampton town officials determined that allowing for the expansion of outdoor training and activities may …