Texas Hold ‘Em Secrets – Preparing For the Dominoqq Flop



Grabbing information is one of the most important skills that you need in poker. From your opponent’s betting patterns and the “tells” that they make simply define your hand and are simply integral on your next decision. But you can’t do that without proper positioning, which is on the button or somewhere near it.


But that doesn’t mean that you should fold every hand if you’re not in the proper position, each has its pros and cons, and it should also determine how you should play your hand.


In this article, I’ll tell you how to utilize perfectly your position in pre-flop Dominoqq play.


This position is from under the gun to the third turn in a ring table, which has around eight people seated. In this seat, you have to be choosy in raising your hand or simply limping into the pot because there are about five to seven people yet to act, thus there are more chances for them to raise the bets and given that you don’t have a hand that’s good enough, you just lost money the size of the blind.


So it’s important that you only raise premium …

Brunson/Brookstone allegiance provides the latest holiday gift sets

Doyle ‘Texas Dolly’ Brunson has launched a line of poker products to support his new book, Super System 2.

On Thursday, December 9th, the poker legend will be signing advanced copies of his book and conducting – using Brookstone’s Premiere Professional Poker Set with randomly selected people – an exhibition at speciality retailer Brookstone’s store at the Rockefeller Center in New York.

Poker fans around the country can also register to win a limited, autographed copy of Brunson’s Super/System 2 by logging onto www.brookstone.com and typing “Doyle Brunson” in the search box.

“Brookstone is pleased to be the only retailer in the entire country to offer customers a chance to purchase or win a limited, advance copy of this highly anticipated new book by Doyle Brunson, the renowned patriarch of modern poker,” Brookstone Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer Michael Anthony said.

“We feel this partnership with Mr. Brunson underscores data hk position in the marketplace as the retailer of choice for Holiday gifts and complements our premiere line of authentic poker products, including our Professional Poker Set.”

Brookstone’s premiere Holiday poker line-up includes the Professional Poker Set ($125), which features 400 professional weight chips at 11.5 grams and five …




Replacement of Legacy Enterprise Management Solution Paves Way for Service Level Management

SAN MATEO, CALIFORNIA – May 2, 2005 — Privately held Nimsoft today announced that UK-based Ladbrokes, the betting and gaming division of Hilton Group, has chosen to adopt its NimBUS service-level management solution to provide real-time service monitoring and reporting for its IT infrastructure spanning thousands of heterogeneous servers, networks, databases and applications.

Faced with the task of replacing an existing enterprise management solution, Ladbrokes embarked in an extensive market evaluation that included more than 20 vendors. The final shortlist included BMC Software, HP, Microsoft and Nimsoft, but following actual onsite testing, Ladbrokes has decided to standardise on the NimBUS solution from Nimsoft after it demonstrated superior scalability, functionality and return on investment. Additionally, the NimBUS solution emerged as the only offering ready to tackle true service level compliance reporting through its unique ability to define, monitor and report against service level agreements (SLAs).

“As the market leader in the UK betting industry and the best-known brand in the global eGaming market, Ladbrokes works hard to continuously deliver innovative value and services to our customers,” said Paul Thompson, Office Systems Manager, at Ladbrokes. “During our extensive …

Police Are Saying “No” To Toto HKPoker



Across the United States and around the world, poker seems to be the game of choice. But as more play the game, the more notice that law enforcement gives to the game as well.


Recently, in Chicago, a home game was raided and all involved were ticketed for gambling. The police spent a year of surveillance on the game, even to the point of infiltrating the game with one of their own officers. They expected thousands of dollars to be circulating; what they found was a $20 maximum buy-in among sixteen people. After taking the money on the table, the chips, and issuing citations to all involved, the police left. The players simply drew out another $20 and continued the game.


In Greensboro, NC, two men were arrested for running a home Toto HKpoker game. In this case, the police found that the men were taking a rake from the game, thus the arrests. The Charlotte/Mecklenburg (NC) County Sheriffs Department recently concluded a two year sting operation that resulted in another home game being raided and the homeowners arrested. Both cases are still pending trial.


Throw in nightclubs and bars that are running Texas …

He’s Back!! Phil’s New Book about Best Bets Today

For many years, 1989 WSOP World Champion Phil Hellmuth has reveled in his image as the John McEnroe of poker. I have always preferred to think of Phil in comparison to another sports icon. I have always thought it was a better analogy to think of Hellmuth as Dale Earnhardt; an intimidating presence to see near you or at the table. Additionally, much like Earnhardt, there is no middle ground. People either love Phil Hellmuth or they hate him.

When Phil wrote his first book, Play Poker Like The Pros, it was hailed as an excellent primer for new players. It gave great insight into starting cards, position and playing styles. It was also well received by the poker community. Most rank it as a “must have” poker book, even talking about it in the same realm as Doyle Brunson’s “Super/System”.

2004, however, wasn’t the best of years for Hellmuth. Possibly due to a lack of concentration, more than likely to a numbingly intense poker and business schedule, Phil didn’t win a tournament, although he made the final table at a few events. Could it be as well that he was amassing material for his new book?

Bad Beats And …

Message for World Theater Day

The International Theater Institute (International Theater Institute ITI) has released the World Theater Day Message for 2019, whose author is the Cuban stage director, playwright, theater educator and professor Carlos Celdrán.

The Manizales International Theater Festival, and La Patria, as every year on this date, celebrate and greet the makers of gestures and words that make it possible for the miracle of theater to be repeated every day.

* Before I woke up in the theater, my teachers were already there. They had built their houses and their poetry on the remains of their own lives. Many of them are not known or are barely remembered: they worked from silence, from the humility of their rehearsal halls and rooms full of spectators and, slowly, after years of work and extraordinary achievements, they left their place and disappeared. . When I understood that my job and my personal destiny would be to follow in their footsteps, I also understood that I inherited from them that heartbreaking and unique tradition of living in the present with no other expectation than to achieve the transparency of an unrepeatable moment. A moment of meeting with the other in the darkness of a theater, with …

End of the show

Manizales, October 14, 2018. After ten days of a festive party, which took over the city of open doors, it was time to close the curtain. 108 performances presented, 42 companies present, 11 invited countries and hundreds of audiences ecstatic with the magic of the theater were part of this celebration of half a century of life that today comes to an end.…

Teloncillo, 50 years of theater

Manizales, October 11, 2017. One of the great companies invited to this celebration of the International Theater Festival of Manizales joins the celebration to also commemorate fifty years of its existence. Teloncillo, a Spanish company, came to this version of the festival to present its work Nidos, a children’s show that has moved audiences around the world.…

FITM: a party for everyone

Manizales, October 12, 2018. This festival has created space for all kinds of activities, even to spread the charm of the theater to the little ones. This morning at the Pelusa children’s home, located in the Galán neighborhood, the FITM moved the Spanish work Nidos to fill children between 0 and 5 years of vulnerable population with wild sounds, magic, laughter and songs.…