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Seminar 2018
International seminar celebration University of Caldas 75 years

With the support of the University of Caldas, which celebrates its 75 years of creation and presence in national university life, we convened the Seminar The Manizales festival and the Ibero-American theater: A story to be told in which, based on a selection of Latin American theater works of the last 50 years, and with the presence of the most important personalities on the scene of the continent, we will explore and critically reflect on the variety of forms, languages ​​and themes that Latin American theater has raised, paying special attention to attention to the place that the theater sought to occupy and to its role within the historical and social process of the continent.


International Masters

Miguel Rubio (Yuyachkani, Peru),
Arístides Vargas (Malayerba, Ecuador),
Héctor Guido (El Galpon, Uruguay),
Mario Espinosa (Cornamusa Teatro, Mexico),
Eusebio Calonge (La Zaranda, Spain),
Carlos Ianni (Celcit, Argentina),
David Gaitán (UNAM Theater, Mexico),
Jorge Ricci (Llanura Theater Team, Argentina).
National Masters

Fabio Rubiano (Teatro Petra, Bogotá),
Jorge Hugo Marín (The Damn Vanity, Bogotá),
César Badillo (La Candelaria Theater, Bogotá),
Patricia Ariza (La Candelaria Theater, Bogotá),
Cristóbal Peláez (Matacandelas, Medellín),
Ricardo Camacho (Free Theater of Bogotá),
Samuel Vásquez (Medellín Arts Workshop),
Misael Torres (Theater Assembly),
Juan Carlos Moyano (Teatro Tierra).
Date: October 9-12

Place: CCC Los Fundadores Theater, Olimpia Auditorium

Time: 9 a.m. m. to 1 p. m.

* Seminar and four theater tickets *: $ 200,000

Registration fee: only the seminar: $ 100,000.

* These tickets will be distributed in the different rooms, according to the availability of places.


This anniversary edition validates the event in front of the international community. As a tribute to the fifty years of the festival, and at the initiative of Celcit (Latin American Center for Theatrical Creation and Research), October 8 was declared the Day of Latin American Theater, a declaration to which artistic, public and private organizations linked to the theater around the world. Among them are the International Federation of Actors, Redlat (Network of cultural promoters of Latin America and the Caribbean –the network–) and REDELAE (Euro-Latin American Network of Performing Arts).

For the commemoration of this day, the playwright Arístides Vargas, director of the Ecuadorian theater group Malayerba, will be in charge of reading the statement.

Date: October 8

Place: Los Fundadores Theater

Time: 7 p.m. m.


REDELAE is an organization made up of institutions such as performing arts festivals, fairs and markets, as well as people committed to cultural endeavors, who seek to have an exchange of artistic experiences for mutual learning and knowledge. Additionally, they have the task, as programmers, of attending all the shows in order to choose some works that they will circulate in other festivals around the world.

The meeting in Manizales, during the festival, will bring together thirty member delegates of the network, they are programmers and outstanding characters of the performing arts from each of the countries that comprise it.

Day: October 9

Place: Los Fundares Theater, Cumanday 1 room

Time: 9 a.m. at 1 p.m.


The District Institute of the Arts of Bogotá (idartes) will be present this year with six theater groups from the capital. Three of long and three of medium trajectory, they are: Free Theater, La Candelaria, Petra Theater, La Maldita Vanidad, La Congregación Teatro and Casa del Silencio. These six groups will exclusively have a pitch session (short presentation, but efficient to sell the projects) with the Redelae teachers and other programmers who were invited to the festival.

Date: October 12

Place: Los Fundadores Theater, Cumanday 1 room

Time: 9 a.m. to 1 p. m.


The District Institute of the Arts (idartes), manager of culture in Bogotá, will make a complete exhibition on public policies that have allowed them to support art and culture.

Date: October 10

Place: Los Fundadores Theater, Cumanday 1 room

Time: 9 a.m. m. at 12 m.

In four workshops, presented by a director each day, a selected group of theater students will be able to get closer to the knowledge and experiences that teachers have in the theatrical creation process. They are: Fabio Rubiano, Teatro Petra (Colombia); Jorge Ricci, Llanura Team (Argentina); Juan Carlos Agudelo, House of Silence (Colombia), and César Badillo, La Candelaria Theater (Colombia).

Date: October 6 to 11

Place: Rehearsal room, CCC Los Fundadores

Time: 9 a.m. m. to 1 p. m.



Miguel Rubio, director of the play Los musicos itinentes will share with the audience the hard work that this company has done for decades to remain on stage, it will be a space for demonstrating work with the Yuyachkani collective team, who will be in charge of telling, based on its long history, how theater is lived, performed and maintained.

Date: October 8

Place: National University Auditorium

Time: 9 a.m. m. to 1 p. m.


Good news for journalists: the directors, the day after presenting their work, will hold a press conference. There, both the public and journalists will have the opportunity to see the exhibition of his work from the director himself and respond to their impressions and doubts.

Date: from October 6 to 14

Place: Las Colinas hotel

Time: 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. m.


The book is, in principle, the reconstruction of the intellectual trajectory of the actor, director, playwright and theorist of the Colombian theater Santiago García. The relevance of his artistic work is unquestionable in the national and regional spheres, as it is one of the Latin American references in the search for his own, original art, committed to the most pressing problems of society.

The reconstruction also covers two spheres wider than what could be strictly understood as a biography. One of them is the cultural and political history of the country during the second half of the 20th century and what is going on in the 21st; the creative opportunities of an artist are located in socially given, historically configured conditions of possibility that carry a tradition that is not always easy to transform. And the other is the interpretation of art as a matter of the effort made by human beings for the sake of a more adequate understanding of reality and, why not, of its possible transformation.

About the author: Janneth Aldana Cedeño

Sociologist and doctor in history from the National University of Colombia. Currently, she is an associate professor in the Department of Sociology at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. He leads the Culture, Knowledge and Society research group, and also belongs to the Historical-Genetic Research group. Its central themes of inquiry revolve around the sociology of culture and the sociology and history of knowledge, through art, specifically its development in Colombia and Latin America, as well as the relationships between social development, cognition and artistic creation.

Date: October 12

Place: Las Colinas hotel

Time: 12.00 m.


The Uruguayan Mariela Gotuzzo Lampariello, recognized and awarded characterization, makeup, wardrobe, body painting and artistic production artist, will be in charge of the workshop “Clothing at the cost of creativity”, aimed at students and professionals interested in knowing and discovering the diversity of alternatives that exist in the use and handling of a wide variety of materials (many of them disused or discarded), found in ready-made garments, fabrics or elements that can be reused, redefined and recycled through the design of costumes for the performing arts.

The artist intends that the participants can develop, through research, experimentation and the study of different transformation and recycling techniques, their ability to create and replicate what they have learned both in the making of costumes and in the different areas of creation. scenic: props, scenery and makeup. The workshop includes two main topics: research and study of materials and construction of costumes.

From carnival to theater, her varied and contemporary proposal has led her to be summoned by great figures from the national and international scene to develop her projects, such as Rubén Rada, Jaime Roos for El Cuarteto de nos and the Sodre National Ballet, directed by maestro Julio Bocca, among others.

The artist Mariela Gotuzzo has developed in makeup and costume design, works that have been exhibited in different parts of the world in museums, festivals and performances, and in teaching, through various makeup and costume workshops. Only in the last year has she participated as a facilitator of the workshop “Clothing at the cost of creativity” at the International Festival of Performing Arts, Panama 2018; Rafaela Theater Festival, Rafaela, Argentina 2018; Nevadas Internacionales de Teatro, Bariloche, Argentina 2018. National Institute of Performing Arts 2018, Montevideo Uruguay; Small Theater 2018, Durazno, Uruguay, XX East Zone Theater Festival «Todos al Teatro» 2018, Mendoza, Argentina, and International Festival of the Arts, San José, Costa Rica 2017.

Date: October 8-11

Place: Rafael Pombo Corporation. Calle 50 N. 27 02, Versalles

Time: 9 a.m. m. to 1 p. m.


Prospects for the orange economy in the performing arts sector.

Guests: David Melo, vice minister of culture; Carlos Villaseñor, expert in cultural policies; Octavio Arbeláez, Director of the FITM

Date: October 10

Place: CCC Los Fundadores, Cumanday Room 1

Time: 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. m.


Date: October 10

Place: CCC Los Fundadores, Cumanday Room 1

Time: 11.30 a. m.

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